73 ft Mini Maxi by German Frers



Royal paradise along the boulevard. The historical fishermen village knows a rich history which still can be seen in the old village centre. In Makkum you can abide on the beach. The water of the lake of IJsselmeer is very shallow. Because of this you can walk far into the IJsselmeer. That is why children can play in the water safely. On the boulevard of Makkum you can enjoy yourself very good. The shops and hotel, restaurants and catering industries provide you with an ultimate feeling of being on a holiday.

In Makkum you find the oldest company of The Netherlands. This is a pottery factory named “Koninklijke Tichelaar”. The pottery of Makum is world famous and that is why Makkum is seen as the Mecca for people who love pottery. The pottery is hand-made and painted with magnificent colors.

Makkum is a watersport paradise according to water sportsmen. Especially for wind- and kite surfers. Often there is enough wind while the water is flat and shallow. When you don”t know how to surf you can learn it at a local surfing school. No material? You can rent it in Makkum as well.

Furthermore is Makkum wel known for its state-of-art yacht building industry. Specialized in the construction of aluminium hulls for luxury super yachts and custom-build hulls for traditional sailing yachts, including several of the new generation of J-Class boats.

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