73 ft Mini Maxi by German Frers



Program Round the World Tour

In 2017 CANNONBALL celebrates her 30 year anniversary. To celebrate this special moment she is making an around the world tour consisting of different parts.

In 2016 she crossed the Atlantic and has been cruising in the Caribbean. From April 2017 until August 2017 she has been crossing the Pacific to have a stop-over in Australia.
She plans to compete in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in December 2017 and is preparing for the race at the moment.


Sailing the 73 ft yacht CANNONBALL is synonymous with elegant, appealing and pleasant travelling whilst relaxing in comfort, discovering a fresh environment or just enjoying a whole new lifestyle. The uncluttered deck features ample space to relax & read, sunbathe or simply marvel at the ocean views.The getting there is every bit as exciting as the being there!

All our destinations are well worth visiting. Enjoy spectacular scenery exploring the nature reserves. Admire the numerous species of bird and slowly cruise along the narrow inlets leading to heavenly stretches of sand bathed in sunshine. Swim in warm crystal clear blue waters in beautiful bays and idyllic anchorages.


How to win a race: “start first and increase your lead”

CANNONBALL is an exceptional sailing yacht, capable of reaching speeds up to 20 knots. Pure performance and smoothness. No words can truly describe what this incredible yacht has to offer! By participating in regattas and yachting events in some of the world’s most exclusive locations, you can experience this once in a lifetime opportunity and join CANNONBALL’s professional crew competing alongside the sports top sailors.

A view training days will precede the event. Under the skipper’s guidance, the crew will be instructed in all aspects of sailing including individual duties such as helming, navigation and sail trimming.

“A smooth sea never made a skillfull sailor.”

Ask us for the schedule and availability as crew.

SY CANNONBALL loves to be sailed by a crew who loves to explore, dream and discover.

ETA: We love sailing for its freedom and unpredictability. As a professional crew we can master the boat, study the waves, embrace the wind and trust in our navigation – but ultimately, it’s the combination of those four things that decide, when we arrive. For that reason, we need a range of dates which accounts for every one of these complex variables to estimate, as closely as we can, the potential arrival date.

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