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In the days of the Roman Empire, Ibiza was highly valued for its salt, figs and wine. Situated in the southern part of the western Mediterranean, the Algerian coast of north Africa could be seen, and sailing ships passing back and forth to the Straights of Gibraltar could also be monitored.

The Barbary pirates entrenched themselves on the little island of Formentera, just a few miles off the south coast of Ibiza, and plundered shipping lanes from there. In 1247, the Catalans from eastern Spain, invaded Ibiza and took it over, thus ousting the pirates.

There was no airport on Ibiza until the mid 1950’s and visitors had to come over by boat from the Spanish mainland. The tourist industry did not begin to blossom until the mid 1960’s.

Yet today Ibiza is renowned for its extravagant and amazing nightclubs, beautiful beaches and phenomenal spectrum of visitors from all over the globe. It is also praised for its wonderful restaurants, bars, incredible Mediterranean food and delicious wines.

Its scenic beauty is fantastic, with flowers, trees, fruits and delightful coastlines. There is plenty to do while visiting Ibiza including scuba diving, golf, mountain biking, shopping at the famous ‘hippy market’ and just plain relaxing on a sunny beach.

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