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In the Galician province of Pontevedra, situated on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, lies the city that lends its name to the southernmost estuary of the Rías Baixas: Vigo. Its fishing origin has left an historic quarter with a strong maritime flavour, which contrasts with the modern facilities of its marinas. This city is an excellent base from which to visit the towns and villages along the Vigo estuary and the Cíes Isles that form part of the National Park of the Atlantic Islands. The cuisine of the Galician coast, based on fish and seafood, is an added incentive for visiting this region.

The port of Vigo, one of the finest natural ports in the world, was the origin of this city fringed by mountains. Its maritime qualities, already exploited in Roman times, have given rise to the present-day marinas and the transatlantic harbour, as well as to the fishing and canning industries. All of this has contributed to the urban development of Vigo, which includes the traditional port area and boasts major historic buildings and wide tree-lined avenues.

In Vigo there are many cafes and bars in and around the harbor. For those yacht charter guests, who are interested in culture, Vigo offers a lot of interesting sights which are certainly worth stopping over for. Also good shopping facilities are offered in the vicinity of the port of Vigo. So even the food shopping during a yacht charter in Vigo is fast and easy. But also souvenir shopping is pleasant in Vigo: modestly priced deals to enrich a yacht charter.

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