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Menorca, known by the locals as “isla de azul y verde” (Island of Blue & Green) and has over 100 beaches and numerous coves or “Calas” as they are called in Spanish. In fact there are more beaches on the island than the rest of the Balearics put together.

With over a 200 kilometer coastline, which varies from rugged cliffs to breathtaking coves and beautiful sandy beaches all surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and clear blue sunny skies.

The island is only 47 km long and between 10 and 19 km wide. As a result, the entire island is really all coastline. The sea is a constant factor and an important part of daily life in Menorca, and its numerous coves and natural harbours are ideal for the practice of all kinds of water sports. Menorca presents a fairly level landscape, its highest point being Mount ‘Torro’, on the top of which stands the shrine of the island’s patron saint. The views from here are quite breathtaking and on a clear day, you can see the water all the way around the island as if looking from a plane or a map of the island.

Menorca has a population of 72,000, and is a bright and radiant island bathed by the magnificent Mediterranean sun, which reflects the dazzling whiteness of the white-washed houses. The lush green countryside, the blue sea and sky, and the white of the buildings are the three main colours that go to form the island of Menorca.

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