73 ft Mini Maxi by German Frers



The port of Cherbourg is situated in the heart of the largest artificial harbour in Europe with free access night and day. It is an amazing architectural masterpiece of the 17th and 18th centuries covering an area of 1500 hectares. With its three dykes, Cherbourg-Octeville is home to four ports for sailing, trade, fishing and military uses.

Here in the beautiful Cotentin country you’ll discover a magnificent coastline with the impressive cliffs of La Hague, the wild countryside of the Saire Valley and the city of Cherbourg itself, which still bears witness to the splendid heyday of the great liners when the city served as stopover for transatlantic crossings. Cherbourg has welcomed many passenger ships over the years. Among the most famous was the Titanic, which celebrated its centenary in 2012. On 10th April 1912, this ship made its last continental stop in Cherbourg where 281 passengers from emigrants to the aristocrats came on board the ill-fated ship.

Bathed in the Gulf Stream with an exceptionally temperate climate, Cherbourg has become a centre of interest for lovers of plant life and botany. Its parks and gardens are overflowing with an amazing variety of plants which are usually only found in tropical climes. The Cotentin peninsula has an extensive coastline with a wide range of seaside activities on offer. On the water, in the water, under the water, in the air or on the sand, there is something for everyone at the seaside!

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