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Porto Cervo

Porto Cervo was created in the ’60s by Prince Karim Aga Khan, who was fascinated by the beauty of this stretch of Gallura and decided to create the Costa Smeralda Consortium, with the aim to increase and enhance the natural beauty of the territory. The Consortium is based in Porto Cervo, which represents its beating […] read more »


Established in 833, Bonifacio’s rich history offers visitors a fascinating and bustling base from which to explore the south of the island. Its isolated position with ramparts perched high on Corsica’s only limestone plateau, give Bonifacio a timeless charm. Perched on a limestone pedestal, Bonifacio is one of the most spectacular towns in the Mediterranean. […] read more »


Menorca, known by the locals as “isla de azul y verde” (Island of Blue & Green) and has over 100 beaches and numerous coves or “Calas” as they are called in Spanish. In fact there are more beaches on the island than the rest of the Balearics put together. With over a 200 kilometer coastline, […] read more »


The island of Mallorca is the most popular tourist destination in Europe, largely because of the stunning variety of its scenery, its warm Mediterranean climate, the hospitality of the islanders, its rich cultural heritage and the richness and of its food and drink. Fortunately, most of the mass tourist market is confined to the southeast […] read more »


In the days of the Roman Empire, Ibiza was highly valued for its salt, figs and wine. Situated in the southern part of the western Mediterranean, the Algerian coast of north Africa could be seen, and sailing ships passing back and forth to the Straights of Gibraltar could also be monitored. The Barbary pirates entrenched […] read more »

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